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About Our Ministry

Faith Haven Ministries was started in 2014 by the unction of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit began to speak with Pastor Dwain concerning the desperate need for not just Christians, but for disciples in the Body of Christ.  The Holy Spirit let Pastor Dwain know that the reason many Christians do not grow into disciples is because they get hurt by religion and religion stops spiritual growth.  God called Pastor Dwain and his wife, Anita, to start a work in Charlotte,NC and the surrounding areas and to foster a safe place for Christian growth and discipleship.  A place where the Word of God is taught in such a way as to lead God’s people to a personal and tangible relationship with the Father and not to and through the traditions of men (1 Corinthians 2:4-5).  FHM is a fellowship of spiritual and financial accountability and integrity to God and the church body.  FHM is an affiliate of Rock Church of Virginia Beach and directly under the leadership, counseling and training of Pastors Michael and Michelle Clinkscales of The Rock Church of Atlanta.

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